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Derma Laser Centers
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At Derma Laser Centers we utilizes the newest techniques in cosmetic surgery, including tumescent liposuction for body sculpting and laser surgery for facelifts and eyelid surgery, as well as other facial rejuvenation procedures. He also offers a variety of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments including Plasma Resurfacing, Affirm Laser, Botox, and Facial Fillers. As the director of his medically supervised day spa, Dr. El-Attar and his staff offers a variety of treatments, including Power Peels, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Treatment and Spa Body treatments. His staff of aestheticians and therapists can individualize a treatment regimen for you to reverse the signs of aging and the effects of exposure to the sun.

We believe well being is the result of looking after yourself. Improving your appearance is one step in this process. Maintaining it is another. These steps lead to an improvement in self esteem. We provide non surgical skin care as well as cosmetic laser surgery to assist you in achieving the best results. Utilizing the latest techniques in private state of the art facilities, our knowledgeable and friendly physicians and staff can individualize a program to meet your specific goals. By implementing one of our comprehensive programs, you can improve your inner confidence. We believe that you should start from today. Because it's your future. We will strive to over-exceed our patients' expectations.

Unwanted hair - nobody likes it, and nobody wants to have to deal with it. With traditional surgeries and techniques, hair removal has be painful, expensive, time-consuming, and worst of all, temporary.

Until now.

With laser hair removal, say goodbye to the trouble, pain, and expense of getting rid of unsightly hair. Equally as effective for men and women, it works anywhere on the body, and has been proven to be permanent, efficient, and extremely affordable. Hair is removed from within the follicle itself, leaving a slim chance for regrowth. Depending upon the area being treated, the entire procedure can be performed in 15-30 minutes - a smaller amount of time than a lunch break.

The growth of human hair is cyclic, involving phases of active growth (anagen) and resting stages (telogen). In addition, an intermediate stage of transition and controlled regression, known as catagen, occurs between active growth and cessation of growth.

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